Difficult-Nutrition Trivia

by Layla suzette

What nutrient do you get from the Meat/Poultry/Egg/Fish/Nut group of the Food Guide Pyramid?

food pyramid
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How many cup(s) of 100% juice equals one serving of fruit?

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Vitamin A is made of the elements lutien and indoles. In which food would you find the most vitamin A?

vitamin A
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Vitamin A is found in all dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, collards, and turnips.

Eating too much fat can cause heart disease in people of all ages. Which type of milk contains the least amount of fat?

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Cruciferous vegetables are high in phytochemicals, which keep your body from transforming normal cells into cancerous cells. Which of these is a cruciferous vegetable?

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Cruciferous vegetables are vegetables in the cabbage family, so named because their blooms are in the shape of a cross, or crucifix. Examples include cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower.

Fiber is needed to keep your digestive system working properly. It is especially important to the health of your intestines. Which of these foods has the most fiber?

fiber food
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Whole grains and beans also contain fiber, and sometimes white breads are fortified with fiber. Encourage students to read nutrition labels for fiber content.

Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption. In the United States, which foods are fortified with vitamin D?

vitamin D
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Carbohydrates contain the chemical elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. What do carbohydrates do for your body?

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Yogurt and cheese are made from milk and certain beneficial microorganisms. In which section of the supermarket would you find yogurt?

image asset
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It may be noted that many mini-marts and some large department stores also carry milk and yogurt in refrigerated cases.

It is important to read the nutrition labels of foods. Of the following foods, which food is most likely to be healthier for you?

healthy food
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Some ice creams contain less fat than others, and reading nutrition labels can help consum- ers make wise food choices.

Difficult-Nutrition Trivia
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