Nutrition quiz – (Medium)

by Layla suzette

Test your knowledge in nutrition and learn to eat healthy with this nutrition quiz

How many servings should you have from the Meat/Poultry/Egg/Fish/Nut group of the Food Guide Pyramid each day?

food pyramid
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Citrus fruits contain citric acid, also known as Vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed to keep the immune system strong. Which of the following is a citrus fruit?

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People depend on plants for food and eat lots of them in salads. How many cups of raw leafy vegetables equal one serving?

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The color of a fruit or vegetable can indicate what kinds of vitamins it is high in. Which of the following foods have the most vitamin A?

food color
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On average, today’s youth are eating too much fat. Which of these foods contains the most fat and should be eaten in small amounts?

Researchers call for rethink of WHO saturated fat draft guidelines wrbm large
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Avocados and most tortillas contain fat, but bacon has the most.

Digestion of your food begins in your mouth when you chew your food and expose it to saliva. It then travels through the rest of your digestive tract. Fiber is needed to keep your digestive tract healthy. Which of these foods will provide the most fiber per serving?

iStock 1020930576 870x489 1
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When fruits and vegetables are made into juice (not smoothies, where the whole fruit is used), you lose the fiber.

Calcium is needed to keep bones strong. Which vegetable contains a significant amount of calcium?

calcium 1
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What is one important thing protein does for the body?

high protein foods
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Protein plays a small part in bone development and is important for overall body health.

Which food contains the most calcium, a mineral which is needed for strong bones and teeth?

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Although broccoli contains calcium, milk has more calcium per serving.

Which is not a section in the supermarket?

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Nutrition Trivia - Medium
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